How To Build Good Habits

Garden of Eydie was created with these three truths as pillars:

1 Plant the right seeds in your body garden for health.

2 Plant the right seeds in your heart garden for love and compassion for yourself and others.

3 Plant the right seeds in your mind garden for joy and success in all areas of life.

In short, for head to toe happiness, it’s all about attitude, gratitude and healthy delicious food!


Top 10 Tips On How To Buy Cookbooks Without Making Mistakes!

I’ve made plenty of mistakes buying cookbooks with

the recipes don’t work out well. Maybe the recipes haven’t been tested, or the directions lacked the necessary instructions to help make the recipe taste as intended. What a waste of money and space! These tips will keep you from making mistakes.  


A RECIPE For Success!

How to cook from a recipe: everything you never knew you needed to know about recipes.


Being Ed: A Carnivore Living In The Garden of Eydie

First, our selection of restaurants for dining out has changed. Ironically, steakhouses are now a go-to, since they are typically able to provide a variety of steamed fresh vegetables for Eydie, while at the same time, satisfying my desire for red meat. When we eat at home, I’m served side dishes, which include some of the freshest, most flavorful veggies I’ve ever tasted…along with some “dead, decaying animal flesh,” as Eydie likes to refer to it, to suit my specific (clearly uninformed) needs.


Journey To “Cooking” With Love: A Metaphor That Means So Much More

Learning about cooking is a lifetime pursuit; one never knows it all and that is part of what I love about it. It took some time, but I finally felt like I had a solid grasp on cooking with love

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Hi, I’m Eydie!

Welcome to Garden of Eydie where my passion runs deep for helping others.  Here you’ll find inspiration for super healthy, vibrant recipes created to help prevent and/or reverse disease.  We are all about elevating each recipe’s nutritional content, and making it elegant to eat!  You’ll see this theme of elevate and elegance running through all of our information from cooking and entertaining tips to advice on how to curate, for yourself, a joyful, successful and blissful life.





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