The 6 Daily 3’s For Optimal Health

Great tips taken from Julieanna Hever’s, The Plant Based Dietician Presentation

at PBNHC2020)

Dear Health Advocates!

Every year I attend the Plant Based Healthcare Conference and learn the latest science behind how food is medicine.  The presentations are always stellar and inspire me to continue my Whole Plant Food lifestyle.  

One of my favorite presenters this year was Julieanna Hever, The Plant Based Dietician.  

I love her quote:

                    “A Plant Based Diet supports LIVING longer, 

                                        not just living LONGER!”

She suggests incorporating the 6 Daily 3’s:

  • 3 servings (1 serving = 3 cups) of a combination of Leafy greens, Cruciferous and other veggies e.g.:  bok choy, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, dandelion, cauliflower, green beans, kale, MUSHROOMS!  (Julieanna promotes mushrooms as very important to eat everyday—see link)
  • 3 servings (1 serving = ½ cup) Colorful Vegetables.  Eat the rainbow!  Yellow, orange, red, purple vegetables + allium (onions of every kind) and potatoes of every kind – although yams and sweet potatoes have more nutritional value than russet, fyi.  But they are all good!
  • 3 servings (1 serving = 1 piece or 1 cup): fruit of all kinds.
  • 3 servings (1 serving = ½ cup) beans and/or legumes of every kind.  Lentils, garbanzo, soy, etc. So great for fiber, amino acids, and protein.
  • 3 servings (1 serving = ½ oz) nuts & seeds.  While they are a super healthy fat, providing l’arginine, vitamin E, selenium found in Brazil nuts, omega 3 fatty acids found in hmp, chia & flax seeds. But, they are  high in saturated fat, which is not healthy for our arteries.  So just sprinkle them on your salad, or make a salad dressing using seeds.  
  • 3 servings (1 serving = 20 minutes) of Exercise everyday!

What About Whole Grains?

You may be asking this question right about now!  Julieanna made it clear that whole grains are definitely a healthy part of a Whole Plant Food diet.  They are satiating, filled with fiber and good for the gut biome. She explains that the most important and nutritious foods are the 6 Daily 3’s.  So go ahead and add some whole grains to your 6 Daily 3’s.  

For more fabulous tips and information, check out Julieanna’s website and instagram.  You’ll find wonderful information all about eating and being healthy.  Plus delicious recipes and more:

Great things in life seem to all come in 3’s!!!

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