Test-Ed Cookies

When commissioned to plant-base one of Ed’s all-time favorite cookies, I was overcome with incredible nerves. Would I be able to do this? Will he like my version? After two attempts, one of which ended up being Juanita’s Favorite Cookies, the recipe was complete and test-Ed approved! –Ashley


Asian Radish Salsa

Radishes are abundant in the Garden of Eydie this February. A little tip: the best way to store them so they stay crisp and fresh is to first scrub clean under cold water, then place them, whole,  in a glass container. Cover with cold water and refrigerate until ready to use. They stay crispy and fresh for a week, or so! Radishes are delicious roasted, shredded or shaved thinly for a salad or wrap, or made into a salsa! The idea came to me as I was “shopping” in my refrigerator and just used what I had. “Waste not, want not”! A slightly spicy wasabi dressing takes the salsa to a delicious taste sensation.


Smoked Black Bean Pizza with Whole Wheat Crust

At Garden of Eydie, we love the taste of smoke and how it adds depth and complexity to an otherwise basic recipe. To elevate this pizza we smoked black beans, pureed them, and then used them as a creamy base. We top it off with wild arugula dressed with citrus making for a very special pizza pie.


Garden of Eydie Caesar Salad Sauce

I’ve tried many plant-based Caesar Salad dressing recipes, and have worked diligently to make a version that is more nutrient-rich, less sodium, and still delicious. I think I did it! Try this one and see what you think. Five ingredients plus water and it’s a “slam dunk” tasty dressing. Pour on a salad, or serve it as a dip for crudité, mix with cooked chickpeas, or as a sauce for a vegetable wrap. The uses are endless. Add chipotle, lime juice, and cilantro for a yummy smoky taste. Go wild with your imagination with this as a base, and reward yourself with many delicious recipes.


Playful Coriander Toast with Spinach Dip/Spread with Toppings

Chef Matthew Kenney is a well known Raw Food Chef and has several restaurants. His food is glorious and vibrant. You feel healthy just looking at his food! I took a cooking class from one of Matthew Kenney’s graduates. This is one of the recipes we made, and it is so beautiful and delicious. It takes a few hours of unattended time to cook, but well worth it.  Make the Coriander toast a day or two before you want to serve it. This can be an artistic endeavor, creating pieces of art on each toast. Open up your creativity and enjoy!

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