Watermelon Mini Flag Cakes

These are the perfect little super healthy and adorable flag cakes you can make for your next July 4th Celebration.  Get your kids to help!  It’s so much fun and they can create their own flag decorations to their heart’s content.


Spinach Soup

This is an ideal chilled soup to drink for health on a daily basis and even serve to guests, in a shooter for an hors d’oeuvre.  I wish I would have been the creator of this recipe, it’s that delicious.  The ratio of ingredients are perfectly balanced, no tweaking is necessary.  Quick and easy, this has become one of the staples in my diet.  Try it, you’ll fall in love with it!


Nori Hand Roll

Matthew Kenney is one of my raw food chef heroes, and I’ve always wanted to take his raw food culinary program.  But it is expensive and super time consuming.  Because of our “safe at home” time, he and his team offered the course online, for a fraction of the cost.  So I jumped at the opportunity!  And you’re one of the beneficiaries!  Here is an easy recipe to put together, so healthy and really delicious.  You may ask what is Furikake? It’s a dry Japanese seasoning made to be sprinkled on rice and vegetables.  Also fish, but we don’t do that here!  I tweaked it just a bit to be Garden of Eydie healthy, without detriment to the taste -I promise!


Special Occasion Raw Blackberry Cheesecake

I’m taking a wonderful raw food culinary course developed by Matthew Kenney called “Crafting the Future of Food.”  Plant based meals are our future and this raw food course is an amazing education on elevating the taste and the beauty of raw food recipes. Although many of these recipes are not Garden of Eydie super healthy, they are plant based, incredibly delicious and just perfect for the “once in a while” special treat.  I just had to share this super easy cheesecake recipe you’ll most definitely want to make and serve.  The wow factor is off the chart! 


Blood Orange Salad with Young Basil and Microgreens

Blood oranges are like the sunset to me!  The colors go from bright orange, to reddish orange and then to a super dark red color…sometimes all in the same orange!  The dark flesh color is due to the presence of anthocyanins, a family of polyphenol pigments, usually uncommon in citrus fruits.  Anthocyanins are anti-inflammatory and help prevent cancer, bacterial infections, diabetes and reduce the risk of heart disease.

This not only is a super healthy age defying salad with the addition of sprouts (here we used broccoli sprouts), it is so easy and quick to make!  Both delicious and refreshing– a perfect summer party salad, for sure; one you’ll crave again and again!  

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