Gazpacho with Quinoa Croutons

Gazpacho is a super energizing and refreshing first course on a warm summer day. It originated from Andalusia, southern Spain where day laborers working in vineyards, olive plantations, citrus groves, & wheat fields were given rations of bread and oil for their meals. Bread soaked in water made a simple soup, to which oil, garlic &  salt were added for flavor, plus whatever fresh vegetables were available–usually, tomatoes, peppers & cucumbers. This soup helped increase the energy for the workers in the hot sun. Garden of Eydie changed the recipe to increase the nutrient density of the foods and made it even more delicious than the original.

We replaced the processed bread with white quinoa, which has a delicate taste and is chewier, like bread, compared to the other varieties of quinoa. We cooked the white quinoa and added it to the soup instead of bread, and WOW!  the texture is even lighter and more interesting than soaked bread! We also created amazingly delicious Quinoa bread croutons for garnish amongst freshly cut colorful tomatoes, and voila, Garden of Eydie healthier and even more delicious Gazpacho was born!


Grilled Fava Bean Hummus

I was “blessed” this year with two large beautiful Fava Bean plants, which produced about 12 lbs of fava beans. Thank goodness, not all at the same time!  This way I could pick a few at a time, shell them, and use them in a variety of ways: cooking them and adding to salads, or mix with baked mushrooms and other steamed veggies, make fava bean crostini, and grill them for this delicious hummus!  You’ll get just a hint!


Spa Day Scrub And Mask

MAY WE have a spa day and feel beautiful!  Hi!  My name is Ashley, and I am a recipe developer and food photographer for Garden Of Eydie.  When Eydie approached me to write some all natural spa day recipes, I was beside myself!  I love everything to do with beauty and skincare, and I have done my fair share of research over the years.  In fact, there have been many days, which I am sure Eydie can attest, that I have walked into her kitchen proudly proclaiming that I have found the world’s greatest and newest product for perfect skin!  Of course, nothing is perfect, but here are my 2 favorite recipes that I’ve written for glowing and clear skin.  Coffee Turmeric Scrub and a Coconut Oil Mask!


Lemon Balm Tea

I’d never heard of Lemon Balm until the Medical Medium came on the scene and I read his beautiful book:  Life Changing Foods.  Lemon Balm has so many benefits, including digestive problems. And it’s a heal-all for the entire body! It’s a heal-all for the entire body.

It’s loaded with:

* Boron, manganese, copper chromium, selenium, iron and more

* B-12-the conserving herb (which we all are lacking)

* It’s Anit-parasitic, Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial

* Detoxifies the liver

So I decided I just had to grow my own! Lemon balm is part of the mint family and is so easy to grow!  It’s so good, you may want to grow your own!, it’s that good and grows easily! 


Power Breakfast

All day long I get inspired by learning from Plant Based doctors who teach us how to be super healthy.  The idea for this power breakfast came from 3 of my favorite doctors.  Dr. Klaper says it’s not necessary to eat breakfast.  You can wait until lunch, which is actually good for us.  But, if you’re hungry in the morning, eat a lot of fruit and some oatmeal.  Dr. Furhman says to add a mixture of ground chia, hemp and ground flaxseed to your meals for omega-3s.  Dr. Greger says if you add 1 tsp.,or more cinnamon and a pinch of ground cloves to your oatmeal, the antioxidant level increases over 2000%.  These healthy recommendations are how Garden of Eydie power breakfast was born.  It’s so delicious and keeps you satisfied for many hours.

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