Earthy Vegetable Stock With Mushrooms

I created another vegetable stock recipe to go with the Unforgettable Kabocha Squash Soup.  Our “house” veggie stock is a little sweet, as it has fennel and tomato. I wanted a more “warming” stock to be the perfect accompaniment to making this fenugreek spiced soup.


Unforgettable Kabocha Squash Soup

Seriously, this is everyone’s favorite soup–a recipe from my Chef mentor, Alfred Portale, but made with the “Eydie” treatment:  subbing out veggie stock for chicken stock, cooking without oil and using minimal salt. When I first made this soup, I followed the recipe to a “t,” but I promise you, giving it the “Eydie treatment” made it healthier, and did not alter the flavor one iota! 


Cabbage Soup Du Jour

I learned this amazing recipe through my Rouxbe Plant Based cooking class. As usual, we “Garden of Eydie’d” it by taking out the salt and oil.  It’s still so delicious. Dijon adds the kick and the salt, and apple cider vinegar gives the soup a little tartness. Tomatoes round out this soup to an oh so delicious, make again and again, soup.


Mushroom Stock

I created this stock to use with my Black Bean Brisket, to replace the beef stock called for in the sauce for the brisket, making it plant based, and oh so much healthier!  And guess what, it worked! Guests could hardly tell the difference between the two stocks.

Use this stock  when you are making a hearty plant based stew or sauce, or even when sautèeing vegetables, which totally elevates their deliciousness.


Apricot Soup Infused With Dates, Mint, and Basil

The Farmers’ market was brimming with ripe fragrant apricots and beautifully ripe tomatoes so I put two and two together and created this refreshing, mineral-rich, unique apricot soup!  It’s tart, yet sweet, has crunch from the alkalizing cucumbers and it makes for a perfect summertime soup. Your guests will love it. See the list of all the amazing benefits apricots bring to our health at the end of the recipe. 

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