Apple Spice Donuts

Donuts are such a loved and craved food, but sooo not healthy, until now!  Ashley, our vegan baker, came up with a very unique, and healthy take on donuts with this light, yet satisfying sweet and spicy version.  They are perfect to serve for a tea party.  Or make them for a party treat to give to your dinner party guests just before they leave, with a note saying, “Have a restful sleep and a delicious morning treat.”


Chickpita Chips

I found a recipe on-line for Chickpea tortillas, from  There are many renditions of this recipe from lots of bloggers. I decided to turn these into flavorful chips which work perfectly with all of the dips we’ve developed.  These are the “healthy alternative to very salty and fat laden pita chips you find in the grocery aisle. They are made out of Chickpea flour so we coined them: “Chickpita chips!” and they are so easy to make, you won’t have to make a run to the store.   Chickpita chips can be flavored anyway you like. We used garlic powder, but turmeric, cumin seed, curry powder, smoked paprika, or other salt free seasonings are great. 


Strawberry Rose Coconut Muffins

Michelle, my (CGTO–Chief go-to officer) says about TJ brand strawberry rose jam:  “I bought it, I ate it, and I loved it!” She couldn’t wait to tell Ashley and me about her find.  This sparked our idea for Ashley to create a plant-based coconut muffin filled with homemade strawberry rose jam, sans refined white sugar.  These came out sooo delicious and moist.  


Stone Fruit Salsa with Sprouted Grain Tortilla Chips

Being stone fruit season at the farmers’ market, I couldn’t resist creating this texturally pleasing fruit salsa. Pick your favorite stone fruits, making sure to get a variety to include tart and sweet, and firm and soft. If you’d like, add more jalapeño or serrano for heat, and serve with these healthy tortilla chips.


Dinosaur Pancake Sandwiches

Everyone always asks me how I got my start in the kitchen. How old was I…When did I know I wanted to be a chef…Did my parents encourage it…Well, the answers are: I was young, do you ever really know, and yes! If you want quality time with your kiddos and give them the encouragement they need to be themselves, then this is the recipe for you! Bringing families together is what we’re about, so welcome to the family!  –Ashley

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