Smoky Lentils With Cinnamon

Being from Texas I love all things grilled, with just a hint of smoke (not overly smoky).  When it’s raining or very, very cold, to satisfy my taste buds, we use smoked paprika and a tiny bit of liquid smoke.  If you’re like me and you like that warm, umami flavored foods, you’ll love these lentils. I used a spice mixture I learned from Chef Lior Lev Sercasz from his book, Mastering Spices. 


Brown Rice, Mushrooms & Kale

I came up with the idea for this dish when creating a veggie burger.  The combination of brown rice, sauteed mushrooms and kale ended up being so delicious and with a big bonus—-so very nutritious.  You get your cruciferous greens, grains and mushrooms all in one side dish! Then I decided to make it part of my Fairy-Tale Stuffed Pumpkin.  Add some roasted butternut squash for a colorful entree and serve with a crispy salad and you have a wonderful meal.


2 Sweet Potatoes, 3 Recipes

I met this brilliant French Chef and spice master, Lior Lev Sercarz at his spice store in NYC called La Boȋte. He has spent many years studying spices from all over the world, and has created spice blends, and recipes, using only very high quality spices, including some very unusual ones you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll find yourself wanting to order from his store.  He is such a master at using and blending spices, that other renowned chefs depend on him for advice! These recipes are adapted from his book, Mastering Spices, which I highly recommend. Chef Lior will take one base recipe, change the spice blend and create at least 3 different dishes that will taste completely different. 

I took his Sweet Potato Puree recipe, Garden of Eydie’d it (took out the oil and salt) and created a dip for an hors d’oeuvre, the original sweet potato puree as a side dish, plus a Collard green wrap for an entree, all using 2 sweet potatoes and one spice blend!  Hence the name Two Sweet Potatoes—-3 Recipes!


Tunisian Braised White Beans With Charred Spinach

While traveling through NYC, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Chef Lior Lev Sercarz at his amazing spice shop, La Boite on the far west side of town, (11th @ 51st st.). I have never met a chef who understands spices like Lior does. He taught me that we can take one recipe, spice it 3 different ways, and can experience that dish from 3 differnt cultures. I love it and plan to explore this way of cooking and provide recipes for all of you! One key element is that the spices must be fresh to make your dishes “sing”. Did you know that a spice from one country will taste completely different than the same spice from a different country? It’s like wine…it’s all about the terroir (the soil). Where our food comes from and how it is grown is tantamount to the taste of our food and its nutrients.


Forbidden Rice with Pomegranates, Persimmons and Pistachios

If you love cookbooks like I do but think you can’t use them anymore because they aren’t plant based or have too much oil, salt or sugar in the recipe, think again.  I get a ton of inspiration from talented chefs, and just tweak the recipe by substituting the meat, chicken or fish with vegetables and change the oily and fat laden sauces and dressings by substituting creamy fruit or nut butters, or vegetables.

I did just that with this gorgeous black rice recipe.  It is a stunner and will delight your guests. It’s perfect for a buffet dinner in the fall and winter, so you might want to make a double batch!

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