Spinach Soup

This is an ideal chilled soup to drink for health on a daily basis and even serve to guests, in a shooter for an hors d’oeuvre.  I wish I would have been the creator of this recipe, it’s that delicious.  The ratio of ingredients are perfectly balanced, no tweaking is necessary.  Quick and easy, this has become one of the staples in my diet.  Try it, you’ll fall in love with it!


Tricolore Cauliflower Tabbouleh

This is a fun, vibrant, healthier take on the Lebanese Tabbouleh everyone loves.  I switched out the bulgar with colorful cauliflower because you just can’t beat cruciferous for health!  I also omitted the oil, while allowing for just the tiniest bit of salt at the very end.  Adding extra lemon juice and a little garlic elevates the flavor, wonderfully.  Serve with these beautiful Radicchio di Treviso, or Romaine and let your guests eat as a pick up appetizer.


Mexican Black Bean Sweet Potato Tortilla

Hola Amigos! In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we wanted to make a Mexican meal to remember – ensuring it’s good and healthy too. Sweet and savory, this is an elevated version of what you might typically find in a stuffed taco or tortilla. Filled with satiating fiber, it will convert you to the plant based version, no doubt!  Two ingredient sweet potato tortillas and seasoned beans make all the difference.  A su salud (to your health)!


Black Bean, Mango and Bell Pepper Salad on Grains

This colorful salad checks off many boxes of the types of foods that are so very  important to eat everyday: including the Bean/legume family, vegetable family, fruit family, herbs and whole grains.  There are many more food groups to incorporate, daily. To learn more about all the elements of a healthy diet, check out Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen list to get the full story.   At Garden of Eydie we developed this recipe that’s are easy to make, beautiful to see and gives you what your body needs!


Mango, Papaya and Pomegranate Fruit Salad

It’s the New Year and one of my goals is to reset my body and help you reset yours after the irresistible abundance of holiday fare.  This means it’s time to eat lots of fruit, lots of salads, and lots of raw foods to flood the body with revitalizing nourishment. This salad and these winter time fruits will certainly do the trick.  Easy to put together, you can make this salad in advance and enjoy it for at least 3 days hence! You might even want to have this salad just before bed, as Mangoes are known to help you sleep.

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Hi, I’m Eydie!

Welcome to Garden of Eydie where my passion runs deep for helping others.  Here you’ll find inspiration for super healthy, vibrant recipes created to help prevent and/or reverse disease.  We are all about elevating each recipe’s nutritional content, and making it elegant to eat!  You’ll see this theme of elevate and elegance running through all of our information from cooking and entertaining tips to advice on how to curate, for yourself, a joyful, successful and blissful life.





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