Spiced Apple Pie Shake

Eydie asked me to create a recipe for a Spiced Apple Pie ice cream, which sounded good to me!  I started with my favorite apple, Honeycrisp, and made it even sweeter with healthy dates.  Now I wanted a “plant based cream” so I used full-fat coconut milk.  All that was needed was to add some warming spices and yummy, this unfrozen ice cream base was so delicious.  Then we froze it, and it turned icy….still delicious, but too crunchy. The solution—turn it into a milkshake!  Eydie & Michelle (Eydie’s CGTO—Chief Go To Officer for Garden of Eydie) went wild for it. And guess what…no ice cream maker needed!

Just like life…when something isn’t just right one way, pivot and who knows….something amazing can happen.


Blood Orange Cheesecake

Did you know that one medium blood orange can provide you with more than 100% percent of your daily vitamin C needs?  If that doesn’t sell you on this cake, then perhaps the luscious colors and scrumptious taste will. The creamy almond butter blends with the banana for a smooth consistency while the blood orange and maple syrup make you want to pucker and smile at the same time.  –Ashley


Apple Spice Donuts

Donuts are such a loved and craved food, but sooo not healthy, until now!  Ashley, our vegan baker, came up with a very unique, and healthy take on donuts with this light, yet satisfying sweet and spicy version.  They are perfect to serve for a tea party.  Or make them for a party treat to give to your dinner party guests just before they leave, with a note saying, “Have a restful sleep and a delicious morning treat.”


Lemon Cheesecake Bars

I love lemon bars and wanted Ashley to come up with a plant-based version that would make me smile. Of course, she came up with something even more delicious—a lemon cheesecake bar. This is definitely company worthy!


Strawberry Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream With Cherry Bits

I admit it—I’m really lucky!—-because I have access to the Santa Monica Farmer’s market where THE BEST Strawberries, from Harry’s Berries, are sold. Oh my goodness, you would not believe how they burst with flavor, sweetness, and deliciousness.  

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