Cherry Banana Ice Cream

Ashley and I were brainstorming on what kind of delicious, raw food ice cream we could make and we decided on this cherry banana ice cream.  I made a recipe and she did too.  Her ice cream turned out super red and beautiful, and mine was a pale pink.  Still pretty but the vibrancy popped.  I used frozen cherries and she used fresh which made all the difference! It’s so yummy.


Watermelon Mini Flag Cakes

These are the perfect little super healthy and adorable flag cakes you can make for your next July 4th Celebration.  Get your kids to help!  It’s so much fun and they can create their own flag decorations to their heart’s content.


Special Occasion Raw Blackberry Cheesecake

I’m taking a wonderful raw food culinary course developed by Matthew Kenney called “Crafting the Future of Food.”  Plant based meals are our future and this raw food course is an amazing education on elevating the taste and the beauty of raw food recipes. Although many of these recipes are not Garden of Eydie super healthy, they are plant based, incredibly delicious and just perfect for the “once in a while” special treat.  I just had to share this super easy cheesecake recipe you’ll most definitely want to make and serve.  The wow factor is off the chart! 


Thumbprint Cookies

All I can say is YUM!  These cookies were originally supposed to be a no-bake concept, but all of us at Garden of Eydie were standing in the kitchen and almost like lightning, at the exact same time thought “Hey, why don’t we try baking them just to see what happens.”  Well, what happened was scrumptious and full of flavor! –Ashley


Chocolate Fudge For Your Love

Charles M. Shulz said it first: “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Eydie asked me to create a chocolate fudge recipe for her special Valentine’s dinner she is having with, as she likes to say, “her Ed”….so cute!  So I came up with this very decadent, delicious plant based version of the original recipe.  We cut the fudge into hearts and scattered toasted coconut flakes to guild the Lilly.
This fudge full of heart filled Eydie’s and Michelle’s hearts with joy, and mine too, knowing they love it.  It’s easy to put together and sure to get you a lots of love on any occasion.
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Hi, I’m Eydie!

Welcome to Garden of Eydie where my passion runs deep for helping others.  Here you’ll find inspiration for super healthy, vibrant recipes created to help prevent and/or reverse disease.  We are all about elevating each recipe’s nutritional content, and making it elegant to eat!  You’ll see this theme of elevate and elegance running through all of our information from cooking and entertaining tips to advice on how to curate, for yourself, a joyful, successful and blissful life.





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