Power Breakfast

All day long I get inspired by learning from Plant Based doctors who teach us how to be super healthy.  The idea for this power breakfast came from 3 of my favorite doctors.  Dr. Klaper says it’s not necessary to eat breakfast.  You can wait until lunch, which is actually good for us.  But, if you’re hungry in the morning, eat a lot of fruit and some oatmeal.  Dr. Furhman says to add a mixture of ground chia, hemp and ground flaxseed to your meals for omega-3s.  Dr. Greger says if you add 1 tsp.,or more cinnamon and a pinch of ground cloves to your oatmeal, the antioxidant level increases over 2000%.  These healthy recommendations are how Garden of Eydie power breakfast was born.  It’s so delicious and keeps you satisfied for many hours.


Tropical Frozen Fruit Smoothie in a Bowl

I call this super immune boosting smoothie, “sunshine in a bowl”!  It’s so pretty and is sure to brighten up your day. I created this tropical fruit smoothie to help all of us increase the strength of our immune system during times of stress and viruses surrounding us.  Since most of us are sequestered at home this March 2020, we don’t have to carry our smoothie in a jar and drink it on the way to work. Why not turn it into your breakfast in a bowl, adding berries for more fiber.  Now you can take your time and savor every spoonful knowing you are treating your body very well! Every ingredient is beneficial, so it’s worth having all throughout the year.


Luck of the Irish Green “Eggs” and Naan

Garden of Eydie loves to celebrate holidays!  It’s especially exciting to come up with fun and delicious, plant based twists on the usual holiday fare. St. Patrick’s day is coming soon and we decided to start the day celebrating Dr. Seuss style, with an ode to the book “ Green Eggs and Ham”, but we made Green “Eggs” and Naan!  A pinch of Black Salt, which has a slight sulfur smell makes the scrambled tofu “eggs” taste like the real thing! It’s really good! 


Granola Bars You’ll Love

I have a wonderful group of neighborhood friends I visit with, many mornings per week and talk, tell stories and laugh so heartily!  It’s a great way to start the day. I wanted to create a healthy breakfast granola bar to bring to these special people. My team and I tested several recipes and this one was the winner!  Filled with oats, banana, nuts and seeds, no sugar added dried fruit and superfoods, this morning treat will fill you up without any guilt!


Oatmeal French Toast

I love oatmeal and eat it most mornings, usually cooked in water with a sprinkle of cinnamon and clove raising it’s antioxidant level to the highest heights!  It’s very satisfying and healthy, as it’s full of gut cleaning fiber, it reduces cholesterol and blood pressure, among many other benefits. But sometimes it’s nice to have a special oatmeal like this Oatmeal French Toast.  I learned about this recipe from True North Health’s Chef Ramsees Bravo. It’s so easy to make and is wonderfully delicious. Make this for your sweetheart, or all those you adore.

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