Spiced Apple Pie Shake

Eydie asked me to create a recipe for a Spiced Apple Pie ice cream, which sounded good to me!  I started with my favorite apple, Honeycrisp, and made it even sweeter with healthy dates.  Now I wanted a “plant based cream” so I used full-fat coconut milk.  All that was needed was to add some warming spices and yummy, this unfrozen ice cream base was so delicious.  Then we froze it, and it turned icy….still delicious, but too crunchy. The solution—turn it into a milkshake!  Eydie & Michelle (Eydie’s CGTO—Chief Go To Officer for Garden of Eydie) went wild for it. And guess what…no ice cream maker needed!

Just like life…when something isn’t just right one way, pivot and who knows….something amazing can happen.


Pineapple Cucumber Mocktail with a Kick

My CGTO (Chief Go To Officer) Michelle, loves cocktails, so I asked her to be the official Garden of Eydie Mixologist! We are making healthy cocktails that are so delicious, you’ll feel giddy without the liquor! I gave Michelle this recipe, but with her super good taste buds, she was able to balance the flavors perfectly. Some jalapeños are spicier than others, some ginger is more fragrant than others, so become your own mixologist and make sure you season it to your delight!


Hi, I’m Eydie!

Welcome to Garden of Eydie where my passion runs deep for helping others.  Here you’ll find inspiration for super healthy, vibrant recipes created to help prevent and/or reverse disease.  We are all about elevating each recipe’s nutritional content, and making it elegant to eat!  You’ll see this theme of elevate and elegance running through all of our information from cooking and entertaining tips to advice on how to curate, for yourself, a joyful, successful and blissful life.





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