Red Beet Sangria

Sangria’s humble roots come from Spain, and is a hugely popular refreshing party drink around the world. This fruity punch usually calls for red wine but can leave you feeling like you want to recline!  We substituted the red wine with refreshing red beet juice, and it’s so delicious and energizing that you’ll feel like partying all night long!


Lemon Balm Tea

I’d never heard of Lemon Balm until the Medical Medium came on the scene and I read his beautiful book:  Life Changing Foods.  Lemon Balm has so many benefits, including digestive problems. And it’s a heal-all for the entire body! It’s a heal-all for the entire body.

It’s loaded with:

* Boron, manganese, copper chromium, selenium, iron and more

* B-12-the conserving herb (which we all are lacking)

* It’s Anit-parasitic, Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial

* Detoxifies the liver

So I decided I just had to grow my own! Lemon balm is part of the mint family and is so easy to grow!  It’s so good, you may want to grow your own!, it’s that good and grows easily! 


Tropical Frozen Fruit Smoothie in a Bowl

I call this super immune boosting smoothie, “sunshine in a bowl”!  It’s so pretty and is sure to brighten up your day. I created this tropical fruit smoothie to help all of us increase the strength of our immune system during times of stress and viruses surrounding us.  Since most of us are sequestered at home this March 2020, we don’t have to carry our smoothie in a jar and drink it on the way to work. Why not turn it into your breakfast in a bowl, adding berries for more fiber.  Now you can take your time and savor every spoonful knowing you are treating your body very well! Every ingredient is beneficial, so it’s worth having all throughout the year.


Glowing Green Smoothie

This smoothie created by Kimberly Snyder, and listed in her book “The Beauty Detox Solution, is the first smoothie I ever had!  This is way before I became plant based, and I loved it. In fact, Kimberly was one of my first plant based mentors.

I changed her recipe, a bit by substituting kale for romaine lettuce, just because that’s what’s in my garden.  You can use any greens you desire, such as swiss chard, dandelion, collard greens…you name it, the banana and pear and lemon juice will make this high nutrient, antioxidant fiber rich, gorgeous green smoothie one of your faves!


Wild Blueberry Dragon Fruit Liver Rescue Smoothie

Now this smoothie is something to write home about and great for “the daze after!”

Why?  Bananas:  their fructose is liver’s favorite source of food, soothing the intestinal tract and the nerves! Pitaya (dragon’s fruit):   The red pigment is a rejuvenator for your liver, bringing cells back to life! And they are the fountain of youth fruit for the liver, slowing down and stopping the liver’s aging.  Wild Blueberries: contain dozens of antioxidants. They have the ability to grab on to troublemakers in the body, hold onto them and leave the liver in a way most healing foods can’t!  While you sip on this violet colored smoothie, think about your 7th chakra or energy center on the crown of your head for pure consciousness. When this center is open, one is able to enter a state of true “beingness,” connecting to universal consciousness for inner wisdom.

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