October 2021



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The month all about the lucky number 8! Plus, lots of pumpkins and spice 🎃

Welcome to October, the month of 8! Here in the Garden of Eydie, we’re going to be talking all about the number 8, and what it means for your overall health. Plus, tons of fall favorite recipes to help you get ready for the some chilly days, more farming tips from my fabulous farming team, and, of course, tons of incredible information about your plant-based journey, and how the number 8 can help you achieve all of your goals for the month!

Welcome to OCTO-ber!

Rosh Hashanah Apple and Honey Salad

For Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, we dip apples in honey to ensure a sweet New Year.  Might as well...

Zero Calorie Tomato and Cucumber Spiced Salad Dressing

Have you been implementing Dr. Greger's How Not to Diet tips into your daily life? If you need a little help...

Mango Lime Baby Purée & Mango Tango Mocktail

This Mango Lime purèe has been tested and approved by my 6-month old great niece, Lucy! And the Mango Tango Mocktail has been...

Ukrainian Bloody Mary Mocktail

This unusual recipe for a Bloody Mary is inspired by Ukrainian Chef Klopotenko, is the quintessential beverage for Sunday Brunch. The...

Antioxidant-Packed Oatmeal Baby Purèe + Fruit Salad Sauce

Dr. Greger from nutritionfacts.org explains the power of spices for increasing the antioxidant level of the foods we eat, including the...

Brain Enhancing Broccoli Purèe Baby Food & Steamed Potato Sauce

Studies show that participants who smelled a rosemary sprig before taking a test scored higher than those who didn’t!  Rosemary enhances...

Smoky Cauliflower Baby Purèe + Veggie Noodle Sauce

Excite and delight your new baby as they are being introduced to their first solid foods with this, 'not your everyday'...

Ukrainian Breakfast Cookie Whole Food Gluten Free

This is a recipe by the famous Ukrainian Chef Klopotenko.  He is underground, at the time of this writing, feeding the...



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