Welcome to the New Year

Be Good to YOU in January 2022

Can you even believe that it’s a brand new year?! Happy New Years to you and yours from the Garden of Eydie! We hope you’re ready to embrace the months ahead, and more importantly, spend this month focusing on YOU.

For this month’s theme, we’re talking all about how to be good to ourselves, so that we’re more able to give back to others. Garden of Eydie’s mantra: if you feel good on the inside, you can do good on the outside! We’ll be focusing on how you can rejuvenate your spirit by sharing recipes featuring doctor recommended foods for an immunity boost, and tips on how to take care of YOU. Plus, I’ll be teaming up with some of my favorite friends, doctors, and health experts to bring you so much great information about caring for yourself, and amplifying that spirit with your community.

Let’s stay healthy together in this wonderful New Year!


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January Introduction Video




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