About Us

Real Food for Real


We believe in that a positive, healthy life requires proper nourishment for not only the body but also the heart and the mind. Together, it’s easier. Welcome to our community of real people that enjoys real food.

Our Mission

Garden of Eydie is all about attitude, gratitude, and food! These are the foundations on which Garden of Eydie was created.

Our Goal

By guiding people through advice from proven medical professionals and exemplifying the benefits of healthy minds and diets, Garden of Eydie provides the seeds to help you create a great attitude, lots of gratitude, and delicious, healthy food.

About Eydie

Garden of Eydie is the culmination of decades in self-discovery, education, and love for whole, organic, plant-based foods. Through this platform, Eydie strives to provide others with the tools necessary to perpetuate the joie de vivre that pulses through her life every day.


Her vast experience and expertise come from a well-rounded background in nutrition and culinary studies; a Grande Diploma of Culinary from the French Culinary Institute, NYC, and certifications in plant-based cooking and nutrition.

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