It's Juicy July!

Welcome to Juicy July! Stay hydrated all summer long with tips from the Garden of Eydie.

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Bloody Mary Mocktail for a Marvelous Morning

Spice up your morning with a mocktail made just for breakfast-time with a twist! Inspired by the Ukrainian chef Klopotenko.

Bloody Mary Moctail

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Style with this Superb Salad!

Shake it up this Cinco de Mayo with an array of amazing ingredients that are full of flavor and pair perfectly with your favorite mocktail!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Winter Squash Avocado Toast

Upgrade your average avocado toast with those winter squashes you've been trying to use before the end of the season! Any winter squash will work, so get to it!

Maple Roasted Winter Squash Avocado Toast

We Can't Believe It's Not Wine!

This Wine-Not recipe is the perfect pairing for any alcohol-free friends. Bonus points: It looks just like a glass of your favorite cabernet sauvignon!

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