We're celebrating LOVE this February!

Welcome to the month of Love here at the Garden of Eydie! Share your love for others and yourself this February.

About Garden Of Eydie

Garden of Eydie is all about getting back to our roots and planting the right seeds to create a joyful, fulfilling life. We believe in a whole food, plant-based lifestyle focused on healing the body through science based recipes that feature food to help you heal!

We are a whole, plant-based food & Whole Life Garden of ideas, sharing science based delicious recipes, and inspirational ways to live an enchanted life.

I’ve been told that I grew up in a tree, and that I look at life through rose colored glasses. Are these compliments? Probably not, but truly, this attitude has served me well.

I grew up in Beaumont, TX. I was a happy go lucky kid. My dad always says that I grew up in a tree.  He explained this by telling me that I wasn’t interested in anything happening in the world… I just wanted to be happy, be nice, laugh and play.