April Showers

Written by Eydie Desser

You’ve heard the saying… April showers bring May flowers… But why wait until May to meet the season with energy? Let’s start now by showering those around us, and ourselves, with love and care.

This month, we’re focusing our energy on keeping our own cups full, while also pouring out love to everyone we can. Even if it’s just a friendly smile towards a passing stranger, acts of love are infectious, and not only make you feel better for initiating them, but it will also generated positivity into the lives of the people you’ve interacted with, and that positive energy can carry with that person for the rest of the day! You just never know what a little showering of love can do for someone’s day.

Since we’re all about April showers and showering others with love, we’ll be showing you some creative care package ideas, what small to large acts of kindness you can incorporate into your daily life, and how to shower yourself with love as you eat right, meditate, spend time in nature, and catch up with friends. 

And of course, we’ve got all new recipes for you featuring an incredible Ukrainian Chef, so that we can not only aid the Ukrainian people during this time of crisis, but also help keep their food and cooking traditions alive. Stay on the lookout for these recipes, coming super soon!

We at the Garden of Eydie hope you have an awesome April, and remember to shower others, and yourself, with all the love that you can.

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